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An artificial immune system (AIS) is a type of optimization algorithm inspired by the principles and processes of the vertebrate immune system. The algorithms typically exploit the immune system's characteristics of learning and memory to solve a problem. They are coupled to artificial intelligence and closely related to genetic algorithms.

Processes simulated in AlS include pattern recognition, hyper-mutation and cloned selection for B cells, negative selection of T cells, affinity maturation and immune network theory.

Examples for application of artificial immune systems

Network Security
Optimisation Problems
Distributed Computing

AIS Scope

Computational methods based on immunological principles;
Immunity-based cognitive models;
Immunity-based systems for: anomaly and fault detection, self-organization, collective intelligence, search and optimization, artificial life, computational security, image and signal processing, machine-learning, data analysis, pattern recognition
Immunity-based multi-agent and autonomous decentralized systems.

AIS Application

1. Robotics

Behavior arbitration mechanisms
Emergence of collective behavior

2. Control

Identification, synthesis and adaptive control
Sequential control

3. Optimization

Restrict, multimodal and combinatorial

4. Neural Network Approaches

Similarities and differences
Associative memory

5. Growing Boolean competitive network

6. Anomaly Detection

Computational security
Negative selection
DNA-based negative selection
Image inspection
Image segmentation
Time series novelty detection

7. Agent-Based Approaches

Computational security
Intelligent buildings
Adaptive noise neutralization

8. Learning

Pattern recognition
Concept learning
The Baldwin effect
Generation of emergent properties

9. Inductive Problem Solving

Finite-State Automaton
Genetic Programming

10. Pattern Recognition

Generic approaches
Spectra recognition

11. Computer Models

Cellular Automaton, Multi-Agent and Disease Processes
12. Other Applications

Open Web-Server coordination
Data Mining
Classifier systems
Sensor-based diagnosis
Evolution of gene libraries
Self identification processes
A Simulated Annealing model of diversity
The reflection pattern in the immune system

Ambujex and AIS

We at Ambujex believe in providing the latest and upcoming technologies to our client and customers for their benefit so that they are aware to be updated with the latest happenings and safeguarding their systems and maintaining the integrity of the systems and entire network. Our Research and Development team is currently working on this technology and we believe that their work will come up triumphs and be acclaimed all across the globe and we will be a stand-out performer in the field of computational business industry.


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