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Grid Computing based Anti-Spam Solution
Use XeroSpam to safegaurd your computing and mobile devices from malicious and threatning spams and spywares

Grid Computing based Anti-Spam Solution for mobile technology
Use Anti-Spam based on Grid technology to remove unwanted and unsolicited e-mails from your mail inbox.

ERP Solution
Use SAB solution protocols that are based on and in depth and incisive knowledge of the processes that gives impetus to our business whether you uphold a small or a mid-sized company or a large enterprise

ERP Solution
BIX - Use our solution to allow your organisationto improve business performance by leveraging information about customers, suppliers and internal business operations


Ambujex was founded on the vision of using Grid Computing, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Collaboration Software and the open standards of the internet to automate the way companies do business.

Ambujex represents the next generation of business integration software. It powerfully combines Grid Computing and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) into one rational framework, enabling business events and services to be transparently coupled together to properly support business processes. This seamless convergence of Grid Computing and SOA provides the advanced technical foundation of Ambujex that differentiates it from stand-alone products.

Why Ambujex ?

Ambujex provides a distributed computing solution that is easier to buy, install, learn, and use than other solutions, delivers a highly improved performance for real-world business applications.

Our products allows you to combine all the resources, information, applications and integrate them to improve the scalability and speed of your most compute-intensive, information-intensive, and application-intensive applications. This powerful software tool will help your most complex computing jobs across your network, dynamically allocating the computing power of both dedicated and idle resources.While working with our product your developers can continue to make use of the tools they are working with.

Many organizations are working on Grid computing .The idea of Grid computing has been there around a long time; one of the need was to share the load of complex applications. But in commercial practice, this idea costs a lot to implement ,facing a needless complexity. Many of the distributed computing offerings in the market today are lengthy management consulting projects, they are expensive,rather than our product that extends the scalability and efficiency of your organizations.

Product Innovations

Ambujex prides itself on being a market leader in innovation and continues to enhance its products by using technology in new - but always empirical - ways to deliver value to customers. The combination of innovation within a proven enterprise-class integration framework positions Ambujex uniquely in the marketplace to develop solutions ? faster.

Following are the product innovations of Ambujex:

Standard Support

Virtually all technology innovations are proprietary in nature. After all, no brand-new idea can have broad industry support, since it is just that: a brand new idea. However, once such an idea finds success in the marketplace, Ambujex recognizes that customers demand standards to help reduce the costs and risks of implementation.

At Ambujex, we believe that success around standards is defined by three leadership activities:

? Innovate new ideas and incorporate these capabilities into our products.
? Proactively drive these innovations into new standards committees ? even before the market demands it.
? Once standards have matured, re-implement those product capabilities in a standards-compliant manner.

This approach ensures that Ambujex customers receive both cutting-edge capabilities and a standards-based infrastructure.

We take our commitment to standards leadership seriously, maintaining leadership roles such as board member, specification author or editor, and committee chair in many standards organizations and technical committees


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