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Grid Computing
Grid Computing in general is a special type of parallel computing which relies on complete computers  connected to a network by a conventional network interface.

SOA, an evolution of distributed computing and modular programming, is the underlying structure supporting communications between services.

Collaboration Software
Collaborative Software is a software application that allows people to work together on the same documents and projects over local and remote networks.


Welcome to the Investors' section of the Ambujex website. In this section you will find information relevant to you as an investor. This includes company performance details, stock information, important announcements and presentations from key investor relations events.

The main purpose of corporate leadership is to create wealth and resources legally and morally. This explicates in bringing a high level of satisfaction to five divisions -- customers, employees, investors, vendors and the society-at-large. The primary aspirations of every corporate body are to ensure predictability, sustainability and profitability of revenues every year consistently and rationally.

More and more investors are looking for investment targets in our field of business and technology industry. And it offers a wealth of investment opportunities, including private equity/venture investments in nearly all financing stages and worthwhile investment opportunities in many industry sectors like Bioinformatics, Food and Beverages, high-end technology, telecommunications to name a few.

Ambujex has a strong record of growth and innovation and if you are interested in investment opportunities, strategic partnerships or distribution agreements with Ambujex then we are interested in talking to you.

At Ambujex, we make it our business to keep the world's leading corporations up to speed on tomorrow's innovations in information technology and business developments.

General Company Information

1. What does Ambujex Technologies Private Limited do?

Ambujex Technologies Private Limited is an upcoming global technology services organization that provides end-to-end business solutions to business clients and corporate houses that work and implement strategic applications based on high-end technologies. The company provides solutions to software development systems integration, industries like Food and Beverages, high-end tele-communication services, Bio-informatics etc, to name a few. In addition, the company offers software products for the banking industry and business process management services.

2. In which year was Ambujex established?

Ambujex was established in the year 2004 as Ambujex Technologies Limited, as a private limited company.

3. How we work?

Our Technology Innovation and Delivery Innovation initiatives ensure that our clients are constantly equipped with solutions, frameworks and skills to meet emerging opportunities.

4. Where is Ambujex located?

Headquartered in Pune, we also have branches in Kolkata (West Bengal). Our abroad offices are located in New York (USA) and London (UK).

5. When does Ambujex? financial year ends?

Ambujex? financial year end on March 31

How to Request Materials

I would like to learn more about Ambujex. How do I obtain information about the Company?

Ambujex's annual report is a comprehensive overview of the Company. Additional information about Ambujex, such as a company history, can be found under About Us, and information on Ambujex's service offerings may be found under Industries. You may also get the necessary information either by e-mailing us at [email protected] or selecting the appropriate link on the Investors page.


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"Great Work! and Great Creation !!."
"The company worked on a rush project diligently and non-stop to meet the deadlines. I'd highly recommend this company."
Nena W Wong, CEO, The Corporate Legal Standard Inc.


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