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In computer science, a mobile agent is a composition of computer software and data which is able to migrate from one computer to another separately and unrestrictedly, and continue its execution on the destination and specified computers.

Mobile agents are a specific form of mobile codes and software protocols that has specific pattern and prototype. However, in contrast to the Remote evaluation and Code on demand protocols, mobile agents are more active in the sense that they may choose to migrate between computers at any time during their execution. This makes them a powerful tool for implementing distributed applications in a computer network.

Advantages of Mobile Agent

Some advantages which mobile agents have over conventional agents are listed below:

? Move computation to data, reducing network load
? Asynchronous execution on multiple heterogeneous network hosts
? Dynamic adaptation - actions are dependent on the state of the host environment
? Tolerant to network faults - able to operate without an active connection between client and server
? Flexible maintenance - to change an agent's actions, only the source (rather than the computation hosts) must be updated

Application of Mobile Agents

Common applications of mobile agents include:

? Resource availability, discovery, monitoring
? Information retrieval can be used in fetching the system information to and fro in client server protocol
? Network management, by using mobile agents we can monitor the throughput of remote machine in terms of network parameters
? Copying files in a server client paradigm or backing up of data on remote machines

? Dynamic software deployment can increase portability, making system requirements less influential

How is Ambujex and Mobile Agent related?

At Ambujex we are in the process of constantly improving, innovating and creating new horizons in the field of technology and this has resulted in the idea of mobile agent computing which will take over the entire computer industry in a few years time. Being a very new and upcoming technology our development team is working with all their efforts and sincerity to bring about a revelation in computer industry.


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