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Aerospace Industry

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ERP Solution
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As the aerospace industry continues to develop and consolidate, new market opportunities are emerging around the world. Asia, in particular, is a growing market for aerospace products and technologies. To sell and support their products in these enterprising new markets, manufacturers must provide training and reference materials with the quality, clarity, and consistency to enable technicians around the world to understand and maintain highly sophisticated and complex aerospace components and systems. To compete effectively, manufacturers must deliver those materials rapidly and cost-effectively ? while complying with industry standards.

The aerospace industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The major challenges of the aerospace industry are as follows:

? Innovation - Innovation in technology has always been a challenge for companies in the aerospace domain. The major issues that arises when one talks about innovation is inventive thinking, as the drive to do something different could prove to be risky and the cost involved high.

? Managing Complexity - The more advanced and safer technology and systems the aerospace industry goes for, the higher the complexity involved, and hence managing the complexity involved in the development of advanced systems is another major challenge for the companies in the aerospace industry.

? Obsolescence management - Obsolescence management is a major issue for the companies in the aerospace industry. The major concerns that arise here are anticipation of the occurrence of component obsolescence, reaction to the occurrence of component obsolescence and reduction of the risk of future component obsolescence.

? Safety Issues - The entire development process of a commercial aircraft is marked by innumerable safety issues. To ensure safety, the aerospace industry operates under stringent standards.

? Information Security - The confidentiality of the information has always been a prime concern for the aerospace industry as there is a large amount of sensitive data and information involved.


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