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Distribution Industry

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Grid Computing based Anti-Spam Solution
Use XeroSpam to safegaurd your computing and mobile devices from malicious and threatning spams and spywares

Grid Computing based Anti-Spam Solution for mobile technology
Use Anti-Spam based on Grid technology to remove unwanted and unsolicited e-mails from your mail inbox.

ERP Solution
Use SAB solution protocols that are based on and in depth and incisive knowledge of the processes that gives impetus to our business whether you uphold a small or a mid-sized company or a large enterprise

ERP Solution
BIX - Use our solution to allow your organisationto improve business performance by leveraging information about customers, suppliers and internal business operations


Globalization, special fulfillment requirements, fluctuating transportation costs, increasing regulations?today's supply chain horizon is filled with new challenges, growing complexities and increasing competition.

Ambujex Technologies enables companies to optimize supply chain execution by streamlining operations and transforming the supply chain into a single, well-coordinated business process. So you can maximize value throughout your entire supply chain and extended enterprise to aid overall corporate performance.

The true value of intermediate distribution lies in its capacity to outfit a system which will optimize the flow of goods and information through distribution channels linking manufacturers, retail outlets, and consumers. Ambujex?s optimal distribution services provide an abundant selection of product items to accommodate just about every customer need imaginable, and provide information in a timely manner.

Small and midsize wholesale distributors face immense and intense pressure to supply more and sell for less. Increased competition is driving down prices, and customers are demanding higher profits and more value for their money. Those forces impel wholesale distributors to provide comprehensive services just to stay in the market.

To remain competitive, you must maximize profitable product life cycles, reduce operating costs, increase efficiencies, offer value-added services, and manage customer and supplier relationships for the long term.

To negate the challenges that the distribution sector encounters in the open market, we at Ambujex can help. With our packaged solution for the wholesale distribution industry, you can have a fully configured, enterprise-class ERP solution up and running.

Our solution will help you to meet market demands and compete effectively without straining your budget or risking your business, and it provides for future innovation with a stable and committed software business partner.


  17 April 2019
  24 April 2019
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