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Education Sector

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Grid Computing based Anti-Spam Solution
Use XeroSpam to safegaurd your computing and mobile devices from malicious and threatning spams and spywares

Grid Computing based Anti-Spam Solution for mobile technology
Use Anti-Spam based on Grid technology to remove unwanted and unsolicited e-mails from your mail inbox.

ERP Solution
Use SAB solution protocols that are based on and in depth and incisive knowledge of the processes that gives impetus to our business whether you uphold a small or a mid-sized company or a large enterprise

ERP Solution
BIX - Use our solution to allow your organisationto improve business performance by leveraging information about customers, suppliers and internal business operations


Faculty members are continually looking for innovative classroom applications that can improve the learning experience while reducing costs. Sharing resources on a computing grid can help achieve both of these goals.

There will be an increase in online instruction. This will require access to vast amounts of information, which must be stored and retrieved in several forms (files, databases, video, etc.). Grid computing can provide the functionality to support this type of information infrastructure. There will also be a greater need for authorized access?anywhere, at anytime.

The higher education sector has experienced profound changes over the past decade. Funding arrangements differ markedly between the different types of institutions.

For educational institutions today, the business and academic horizons are constantly changing, bringing many new challenges. Besides educating a growing, diverse student population, schools must also control cost while maintaining excellence.

In addition, schools must ensure that academic and IT services are accessible, secure, and reliable. Recent advances in information technology have benefited numerous educational institutions.

The Education industry must innovate to attract students with distributed centers of learning and a superior learning experience. In the area of operations, it needs to streamline administration and comply with regulatory guidelines.

Reduced funding from traditional sources has reduced revenues, and competition for private funding ? including grants, dispensation, and alumni donations ? is growing. Increasing student populations are creating physical space and service challenges. Government regulations pressure institutions to operate with a high degree of transparency, which intensifies the need to report, document, and track financial, and educational information.

Competition has intensified for the best students, faculty, and academic and research professionals. To address these different challenges, higher education and research institutions need to leverage IT that aligns with business requirements and supports change. Organizations need to operate more efficiently and integrate processes, from business services to academic affairs and student care, while collaborating externally with government agencies, service providers, and other constituents. Yet many organizations still use fragmented, non-integrated business systems. Inefficient, outdated, and expensive to maintain, these systems foster decision making that is tactical and reactive at best.


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