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3D Gaming Industry

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ERP Solution
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Massively multi-player games have become tremendously popular on the internet over the past few years. Like digital rendering and animation, creating 3G games and then hosting them to be able to handle hundreds of thousands of users requires immense and extensive computational capacity. Grid computing technology is being used today to create a scalable infrastructure to host MMG and 3G games.

3D game is the field of computer graphics involved with generating and displaying three-dimensional objects in a two-dimensional space (e.g., the display screen). Whereas pixels in a 2-dimensional graphic have the properties of position, color, and brightness, a 3-D pixel adds a depth property that indicates where the point lies on an imaginary Z-axis. When many 3-D pixels are combined, each with its own depth value, the result is a three-dimensional surface, called a texture. In addition to textures, 3-D graphics also supports multiple objects interacting with one another. For example, a solid object may partially hide an object behind it. Finally, sophisticated 3-D graphics use techniques such as ray tracing to apply realistic shadows to an image.

The development of a computer game is a truly unique production, combining a wide range of elements into what is an enjoyable experience for the end user. A typical game project involves programmers, artists, musicians, designers, and countless other positions that are necessary elements for a successful endeavor.

3D games have become a way of life. People now spend hours of time looking down corridors, exploring tunnels and viewing intricate extraterrestrial planets. All of this is possible because of recent developments in computer hardware as well as software applications and integrations of high-quality devices. It is now possible to do these things, but it still requires a lot of effort, on the programming side, to get it looking respectable.

REALTIME 3D games calculate all of the view data as the program is running. It should be flexible enough that it can be extended and modified in the future, and robust enough to be useful. Games such as Doom, Descent, and Quake are good examples of this genre of 3D games.


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