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Life-Science and Pharmaceutical

Industry Offering


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ERP Solution
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Life Sciences firms are spending large amounts on research and development, yet the drug pipelines are reducing. As firms are competing to remain ahead from others, every process throughout the drug lifecycle needs to be made more efficient and cost effective - from Discovery to Trials to Manufacturing and Marketing. That is why it is critical to deliver precise information with flexibility so that users are effective at spotting failing drug leads, monitoring trial subjects, coordinating submissions, tracking and maintaining manufacturing, and sales detailing.

Life science moves ahead rapidly, and has for the past couple of decades. In fact, life science advances so fast that telling a milestone from just another incremental achievement can take some thinking.

With the support of national and local government bodies and knowledge bio-clusters have emerged in recent years close to the region?s main research organizations, with the aim of strengthening the industrial, scientific and technological base.

Pharmaceutical drugs are used for the benefit of human and animal health. Innovators in pharmaceutical Research and Development of new drugs have not only controlled life threatening diseases and improved the quality of life and productivity, but have also increased the average life expectancy during the past few decades. The pharmaceutical industry is an important sector in the worldwide economy.

The pharmaceutical industry undertakes the development, production and supply of pharmaceutical products needed to save lives, prevent disease and otherwise assist in maintaining quality of life.

The industry encompasses a spectrum of activity from the high research and development segment associated with human-use prescription medicines through to the production of the generic over the counter medicines.

For patients and doctors, innovation has resulted in the provision of new specific active agents that have been made available in many different formulations and can be administered by many different routes of administration. For key stakeholders and shareholders, this innovation has resulted in the formulation of a financially stable and profitable group of companies around the world.


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