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Transport Industry

Industry Offering


Grid Computing based Anti-Spam Solution
Use XeroSpam to safegaurd your computing and mobile devices from malicious and threatning spams and spywares

Grid Computing based Anti-Spam Solution for mobile technology
Use Anti-Spam based on Grid technology to remove unwanted and unsolicited e-mails from your mail inbox.

ERP Solution
Use SAB solution protocols that are based on and in depth and incisive knowledge of the processes that gives impetus to our business whether you uphold a small or a mid-sized company or a large enterprise

ERP Solution
BIX - Use our solution to allow your organisationto improve business performance by leveraging information about customers, suppliers and internal business operations


Travel and Transportation forms the backbone of infrastructure

The major sector of any economy. Millions of people and businesses entrust on an extensive, inter-related network.

The transportation industry is in a generation of eccentric change. Marked by unending demands for increased services and severely limited budgets for infrastructure, the industry faces continuous challenges.

The travel industry is exploring new horizons in the way it does business, thanks to technology. Today, with help of technology the travel industry is creating new hypothesis and invitation for its customers - online booking, remote travel management and new age CRM programs.

On the other hand Logistics Provider industry that is heavily dependant on infrastructure set by Transportation has been promising to offer greater scope and more complex solutions. Expansion of networks through faster globalization with mergers and acquisitions amongst logistics providers and need to fulfill complex global contracts calls for higher performance through greater and deeper end-to-end integration and state of the art visibility tools.

The crucial and elementary objective is seamless and consistent flow of information across the complex and growing value chains leading to effective and faster decision making resulting in better transparency and visibility.

Ambujex Technology aims to be the ?Best? in the Transportation sector. In order to achieve this goal we have been addressing the Travel & Transportation vertical, enabling the customers within this market to use IT solutions efficiently and cost effectively. Together, Ambujex Technology and the Travel & Transportation industry are advancing and emerging path-ways to improve the quality of services to the customer, and reduce the cost of the operation through effective use of cutting-edge technology.


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