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Spam-grid works on the grid computing technology to eradicate and eliminate all the spam that can penetrate your network thereby reducing its integrity and security. It can be used on any Windows 9x, NT, XP or Vista Operating system. An automatic integration is available for Microsoft Outlook Express (by default available on Windows based systems), and Microsoft Outlook, which is very commonly used in business environments.

How does Spam-grid works?

Spam-Grid functions like a proxy-server, meaning that your e-mail client will connect to Spam-Grid, which will in turn connect to your e-mail server. When e-mail messages are retrieved from the server, Spam-Grid will send a non-reversible encoding of those e-mail messages to the Spam-Grid server. The encoding is non reversible in order to protect the privacy of your messages.

By analyzing those encodings, the server will determine whether the e-mail distribution is a mass e-mail distribution. Once a distribution has been characterized as a mass distribution, its geographical distribution is analyzed. Based on these two factors, a message (and subsequent messages of the same distribution) can be characterized as spam.

This implies that unlike with other spam-filters, normal, personal, e-mail messages cannot be characterized as spam, since they do not confirm any of the two imperative rules. Also, newsletters confirm to only one of these two rules, thereby making it possible for newsletters to pass the filter as well, while all spam is flagged as being spam.

This way Spam-Grid protects your system from unwanted e-mails while making sure the messages you do want arrive at their correct destination.

Grid based network executes its technology to discover the DNA of recent spam thereby gathering the know-how to come up with different techniques and applications to destroy them permanently. An accumulation of DNA of all spam are collected from the cyber world and being processed to develop the anti-spam and is sent to the server from where the client-machines are able to download to their systems and safeguard them from any external attacks.

  SpamGrid for WINDOWS?

? Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or
? Windows Server? 2003
? Intel? Pentium? 4 processor or compatible
? 512 MB RAM minimum
? 250 MB disk minimum space

SpamGrid for LINUX

? Red Hat Linux ES/AS 3.0 & 4.0
? Intel Pentium 4 processor or compatible
? 512 MB RAM minimum
? 250 MB disk minimum space

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